We will all face death one day but can live today with vitality!

About Me

TomChristineFam011I am married to the love of my life, Thomas, who is traveling this wonderful journey with me.  We have been blessed with ten beautiful children with whom we continue to experience life’s adventures together!  How I appreciate their support as I pursue my passions for mothering, dancing, entrepreunership, gardening, learning, laughing, teaching and healing.

Freedom to progress at one’s own pace and in one’s own way is an INTEGRAL component of my belief system.  Thank you to the many people who respect my chosen path and who have loved me on my journey–even when it was different than theirs.  I enjoy supporting others in their individual progress.

Thanks for visiting…and kudos for proactively seeking LIGHT and TRUTH for you and yours.  Here’s to greater vitality!!!

–Christine Bentley, MH

LIVE for Health Sake!

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