We will all face death one day but can live today with vitality!

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More about Cynthia Sumner’s

Spirit Mind Body Program

This program goes as deep as you are motivated to learn!
*One on one consultation and training by phone available
*Nutritional Guide with personalized option for whole healing tips tailored for you!
*12 Weekly Videos with do-able worksheets
*12 Weekly Audio Training Sessions with Personal-Empowerment Tools
*Weekly assignments to incorporate new healthy living choices
*Option for text reminders with uplifting messages 
*Training on how to implement supportive habits in your family
*Monthly group calls with guest speakers and open question time
*E-books including a copy of Cynthia Sumner’s E-recipe book
*Shopping List guide and recommendations on pantry supplies
*Example Weekly Menu guide with clean, vibrant menus
*Recommendations for books and resources to continue learning!

It includes education and support on

Whole Food
Emotional and Mental Health
Plus much more!

Learn about Cynthia Sumner, the owner and founder of this Whole Healing Program here:

Hear what others are saying about this program

Ashley S. “You can’t put a price tag on the blessings that have poured into my life as a result of Cynthia Sumner’s program! The inspired information and tools she has so beautifully compiled into her approachable program have helped me make changes in my life I never imagined possible. I’ve learned how profound an impact the things I think about, look at, listen to, say, and consume have on my total health and happiness.  I feel so much more present in my body. As one who is battling mental illness, an eating disorder, and compulsive addictive behaviors I thought there was no hope to change. It all just seemed so overwhelming. But Cynthia has been an answer to prayer! I have released over 15 pounds of physical weight, but the shift in my mood and outlook on life has undergone an even more significant renovation. While the changes I continue to experience haven’t been easy or comfortable, they’ve absolutely been worth it. I cannot sing enough praises about Cynthia’s passion for educating and empowering others to live well! She is the most compassionate mentor you could ask for. You will be so grateful in embarking in this journey with Cynthia Sumner as your guide!”

Brett R. “This Program changed my life! And it blew me away that I actually enjoyed the process.”

Jenni B. “My anxiety is lower than it has been in years. I finally feel confident and comfortable in my own skin!”

Heather W. Even more than releasing weight, my favorite part was the emotional stability I feel in my life!”

I hope you will join me for the personal power movement!


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