We will all face death one day but can live today with vitality!


I hope that I have inspired you to continue on your own path in pursuit of health and vitality. Please take my recommendation seriously and consider taking the Family Herbalist course at The School of Natural Healing. It’s now available online for your convenience, and the benefits for you and your circle of influence will be incredibly far-reaching.

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Not only do I highly recommend Cynthia Sumner’s recipe book, Healthy.Happy.Clean.Eating, but I also wholeheartedly recommend her personable whole body health and weightloss courses.  You may think I’m biased because she’s my sister, but when you visit www.cynthiasumner.org you can find out how knowledgeable, energetic and inspiring she is for yourself! I’m a personal coach for this program and you can sign up for a FREE consult to hear more by emailing me at cm.bentley@yahoo.com.

“Knead” a family-friendly environment to support all of your healthy cooking supplies? Find out more at Kitchen Kneads then be sure to attend one of their FREE weekly Saturday classes on Redwood Road in West Jordan, UT.  You’ll discover new favorite staples for your cupboards….and who knows….you might run into ME!

Essential Oils are among my Top Dozen items to have on hand for Common Family Ailments.  I’ve had great success with many brands and companies and would like to recommend the convenience of a local, trusted company http://mydoterra.com/liveforhealthsake. We have partnered with doTERRA with the MIND BODY POWER health program! Contact me for exclusive offers.