We will all face death one day but can live today with vitality!

SPIRIT MIND BODY Group Online Program




Spirit Mind Body 
Group Online Program 
*Nutrition Guide 
*12 part video series with do-able worksheets
*12 part audio series with Personal Empowerment Tools
*Weekly assignments to incorporate new healthy living choices
*Training on how to implement supportive habits in your family
*Monthly group calls with guest speakers and open question time
*E-books including Cynthia Sumner’s Healthy.Happy.Clean.Eating E-recipe book 
*Shopping list guide and recommendations on pantry supplies
*Example Weekly Menu guide with clean, vibrant menus 
*Recommendations for books and resources to continue learning! 
Many modalities taught including reflexology, imagery, emotion and thought-control, hydration, deep-breathing and more!
*All the resources you need to make life-long changes
We will all face death one day, but we can LIVE today with vitality!  — Christine Bentley, MH


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